Tavern on the Lake
101 N. Main Street
Hightstown, NJ 08520

Sunday, June 2, 2019
Doors open at 1pm
Auction starts at 2pm


To become a sponsor or for more information contact us at treasurer@habitatmba.org

QuarterMania is an auction where you use quarters to bid on chances to win.

  • You arrive, cash in for quarters (or bring your own) and rent bidding paddles (you get 2 paddles with admission and add more for $1 each as you desire).

  • Each paddle is numbered and there is a ping pong ball with the same number on it thrown into the bucket.

  • Players spend pregame time visiting booths and checking out what's going to be up for auction. There is also a table raffle on many vendors' tables. They are 3/$1. Winners pulled at the end of the evening.

  • When the Auction starts, the Emcee will let you know what the item is, who donated it, and its value.

  • For items valued up to $25, it is a ONE QUARTER bid. If you want to use one paddle, you throw one quarter in the basket and hold up that one paddle. If you want to raise 3 paddles, 3 quarters, etc.

  • Items up to a $50 value will be 2 quarters and so on (a quarter for every $25 increment in value of the item).

  • Emcee calls an end to bidding and we collect all the quarters - then draw a numbered ping pong ball from a bucket. The first number she calls that matches a paddle in the air wins that item.

  • After all items have been auctioned, the vendors will have their booths open for shopping and many will have cash and carry items available!!