June 2019 Construction Update

We have come a long way from the shacks that used to exist on the site of 230/232 South Academy Street in Hightstown.  Our first duplex is moving along smoothly, and we are now focused on the interior.  In the coming weeks we will be working on the final finishing installing doors, trim, paint, flooring, cabinets and final electrical and plumbing.  We are hoping for a late Summer or early Fall completion date. 

Come by and have a look or better yet, come give us a hand!


September 2018 Construction Update

Our project to build a duplex on South Academy Street in Hightstown is moving along nicely.  We have the second floor fully framed and will be putting the roof on in the next few weeks.  Once that is completed we move on to windows and doors, and with the completed envelope, we will have reached a major milestone.  Then we move indoors and focus on electrical, plumbing, HVAC insulation and drywall. 
We have had help from several groups so far, and several more are scheduled.  We have had a great turnout of volunteers and new volunteers show up on a regular basis.  Thank-you to those who have been to the site and we hope to see more of you in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for e-mails and/or Facebook events for the days we will be working at the site.

August 2016 Construction Update

Work behind the scenes continues as we prepare to start construction on the next project on Academy Street. Permits are complete with an expectation that we will be able to open the street this month to upgrade the century-old plumbing connections. Once the street work is done, we can continue the plumbing work on site and look forward to foundation work after that.

Those people interested in joining the Construction Committee to help coordinate building efforts in the autumn can contact us at building@habitatmba.org.

Meanwhile we continue with our Brush With Kindness projects. A project on Broad Street is wrapping up with another project being investigated. Any Hightstown, East Windsor, West Windsor, Plainsboro, Cranbury or Robbinsville family who has the need for exterior house work, is unable to complete and is interested in applying for the program can contact family@habitatmba.org.

Somfy's marketing department helps HFH Millstone Basin in getting the word out

Our newly re-formed Marketing Committee met at the U.S. headquarters of Somfy Systems on June 23, in Dayton, N.J., to make plans for getting the word out about our success - and future success in Hightstown.  Somfy is an international home automation company which also specializes in high-tech window treatments.

Board members Ana Roberti, John O’Connor and John Patterson led this meeting that Michael Lee and members of the Somfy marketing team hosted. The objective was to set the vision for the marketing committee and facilitate a brainstorming session potential areas of focus for execution going forward.

Thanks to the expertise of our new friends at Somfy we're getting off on the right foot.

Building Starts in June 2016

Great news!  Habitat for Humanity, Millstone Basin Area, will start building this June.  Four new homes are to go on two open lot on South Academy Street in Hightstown, NJ.    We are looking for volunteers to help build, organize, and supervise.  Come sign up at our Volunteer Open House at the First United Methodist Church of Hightstown. (187 Stockton Street, Hightstown, NJ).  Be part of this great experience!  The open house will be from 2 to 4 pm Sunday May 22. Please register here.

We are looking not only for building help but also for all the support help as well, so if you are not into swinging a hammer there are lots of other areas in which you can help.  Marketing, Social media, fundraising, grant writing, homeowner nurturing and selection, and so many more activities which require no construction expertise. Come join us on May Sunday 22 nd and help us complete the next MBA Habitat