Youth United

Youth United is a Habitat for Humanity program for youth ages 5-25. The YU leader and team motto is: “ Raise Awareness, Raise Funds, Raise the Roof.” YU leadership opportunities teach our youth to help fulfill a family’s dream of home ownership, create lifetime friendships and have fun while contributing to eliminate poverty 

Girl scouts learning about the Habitat mission.

Girl scouts learning about the Habitat mission.

Activities: Ages 16-18

New Jersey Law prevents any youth under the age of 18 to work on a construction site where power tools are used. However, youth ages 16-18 are permitted, with their parent's permission, to work on other activities that will help prepare the partner home under the supervision of adult leaders. Activities may include:

  • Painting and landscaping
  • Construct picnic or lunch tables for the work site.
  • Tutor younger partner family children.
  • Provide babysitting for children of homeowners or volunteers.
  • Clean a Habitat house before the dedication.
  • Talk to a partner family about how Habitat has impacted them. Write about their experience and publish one of their reflections in a newsletter.
  • Organize and serve meals to volunteer builders.

Activities: Ages 12-15

  • Create your own fundraising project and have a Habitat awareness table at your school or community festivals.
  • Register volunteers at the construction site information table.
  • Paint doors and baseboards off-site before they are put into the house.

Activities: Ages 10-12

  • Speak to classmates about the mission of Habitat with the help of a local campus chapter or homeowner family.
  • Construct and paint window boxes to be used as housewarming gifts or as fund-raising items.
  • Help clear the construction site of debris before or after construction.
  • Sell our Habitat T-shirts at your own Habitat event.

Activities: Ages 7-10

  • Write messages or blessings on 2x4 pieces of lumber at the site (before the house framing).
  • Have a fundraiser to buy a window, door or other material for the home's interior.
  • Landscape, learn about the local environment and plant environmentally friendly bushes.
  • Make wooden key holders, picture frames or doorstops from scraps on site.
  • Coordinate a birthday gift project for partner family children.

Activities: 5-7

  • Make a welcome basket for the homeowner family and sing a song at the dedication.
  • Stock the pantry for a new Habitat for Humanity partner family.
  • Draw greeting cards to be sold at a Habitat fund-raiser.
  • Construct house banks as a fund-raising tool for affiliates.